Bioengenesis Technologies

Understand the basis on which we behave, interact and communicate with others

Bioengenesis Technologies enables solutions for the exploration of the workings of neural systems and how they integrate information as a whole to formulate a higher-level cognitive awareness of oneself within the world.

With the growing demand for high end biomedical laboratories, our solutions can give you the flexibility and power to present stimuli as well as record and analyse physiological signals

From Evolution to a New Genesis

Capture how our evolved system operates and underpins our behaviour to explore ways to go beyound the biological constrains and develop a new genesis of human machine integrated possibilities.

Explore the Power of Tucker-Davis Technologies

As official Australian TDT representatives we provide advice related TDT design product support to help you set-up your systems. We provide expert advice on research design and software configuration to maximise data acquisition and maintain a detailed and accurate automated log containing all experimental parameters used. We provide integrated solutions for neuroscience, bioengineering, behavioural science and related areas of research and teaching.

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